Yoga Teacher Training

Join Kellee and Jameson for A

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Dates Day Time Hours
1. March 17 – 19 Friday 2-8 6
2. March 24 – 26 Saturday 8-1,3-7 9
3. April 14 – 16 Sunday 8-1,3-6 8
4. April 21 – 23
5. May 12 -14
6. May 19 – 21




The foundational philosophy of the yoga practice which provides the transformative power and gives the yoga practice its depth – separating it from other forms of movement or fitness.

Anatomy and Alignment

Understanding the basics of the human body (muscles/ bones/joints) and how it interacts with the postures “asanas”.


The ability to string together a series of postures that leave students feeling better in their body and mind.

Verbal Delivery

The ability to verbally communicate the alignment and sequencing with your students.

Physical Adjustments

Hands on postural adjustments, or manual manipulation of bones/joints/skin to help student understand alignment from kinesthetic communication.

Visual Demonstration

Visual communication of alignment and or technique.


Breath work practices to enrich the flow of energy through the body and relaxing the mind


Seated practice to harness the focus and power of the mind promoting greater clarity and ease in every day life.


As we practice yoga our perspective of life shifts and questions arise about how to take our revelatory experiences off the mat and into the world. We will explore how to live as a self aware human being, gracefully interacting with both like and unlike minded people.